Whats in a Name?

As some of you may have noticed, Pastor Dave has recently started a Blog on our website. However, we have struggled to come up with a name for the blog that we like. So, we are asking for your help. Leave us a comment on your idea of what the Blog should be called and maybe we will pick yours as the “winner”


Greg King

Is Change the Only Constant?

This past Sunday, Katie Langendorfer led a children’s sermon on “changes.”  Katie herself is in the midst of a major life change with the recent passing of her husband Ron. She asked the kids if they had experienced any changes lately, and while they stayed unusually quiet, Katie pointed out that going back to school, with new teachers, was a big change in their lives.  Finally, my daughter mentioned that her brother just started college.  A big change indeed for our family. I keep expecting to hear the garage door opening and his car pulling in (with accompanying heavy bass sounds rattling the house).  We certainly are missing him, and still adjusting to this new dynamic.